2009-10-01 16:38:59 by HappyHomicide

I don't think I'll be submitting music here anymore, as everyone are techno crazed fucksticks. You can still find my music on and
Have fun 0 bombing each other and all of my music while i'm gone.


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2009-10-02 00:21:04

Damn. That's too bad. I still have hope in the community growing some balls and listening to our crap and giving us inane amounts of praise and 5's. Partly because of a project I'm planning. Wanted to see if you'd be interested.
I'll PM you about it sometime soon.


2009-11-03 21:35:43

haha yeah dude, that is soo true. Thats why I rarely submit anymore tracks to NG. Sad but true but atleast Ill still be able to listen to your shit on soundclick..... sweet.


2009-11-08 20:15:36

So what if they think you suck? You and I know better.

I understand that several recent productions got zip-bombed recently, but don't let that stick to your ribs. The metal freaks at NG will undoubtedly miss you if you stop submitting here, and some people are loath to surf other audio sites if they can avoid it. The general shit crowds need not accept you for you to keep contributing here.

And for crying out loud, I'm planning on using a few of your tracks (the small ones) in games or movies. If you're not around to process all the hits and traffic AFTER I brag about your music in my productions... well, do I say to them?

I can't.

You could.

I insist you stick around.

Post-Script: Father-of-Death has a song called "Most of Newgrounds' Techno" (or something to that effect). He's got a warped sense of humor like you, so if you need a smile (or just a smirk), play some of his tracks. It's electronic stuff, but he doesn't give a shit about what people think.