Free Album!

2010-03-14 04:46:51 by HappyHomicide

Free Album Here!
Enjoy! You can find all of my music on Soundclick OR Bandcamp

You can find some videos here!


Free Album!


2009-10-01 16:38:59 by HappyHomicide

I don't think I'll be submitting music here anymore, as everyone are techno crazed fucksticks. You can still find my music on and
Have fun 0 bombing each other and all of my music while i'm gone.

500 Dorrah, hit me up! /FearIsFood666/Xiphos/367.jpg /FearIsFood666/Xiphos-1.jpg

Free Ep!

2009-07-27 00:15:34 by HappyHomicide

Here's a free 5 song EP! Enjoy my blood, sweat, and tears!

also, sorry for calling it an "album" :P